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Pre-sales Services

Service process and relevant rules (regional escrow mode between Hong Kong and Mainland China) 

1.     Placing Order: the purchase price shall be paid within three days after the signing of the purchase contract, it can be delivered within 20 days. Due to the rapid changes in the supply chain and the recent shortage of chips, we do not accept the deposit mode and only supports the full payment. Appropriate payment mode can be negotiated (HKD, CNY, USDT or others). Our company's self-produced equipment sub system is guaranteed for half a year, and the core graphics card is guaranteed for three months. We provide technical support outside the warranty period, and the customer provides basic cost.


2.     Production: the mining equipment is customized by our company and assembled by the free production line, including graphics cards and barebones (chassis, motherboard, power supply) and RX588 customized graphics cards. We also accept the reserved brand graphics cards (such as Gigabyte and Sapphire) for further communication. The operating system is preinstalled with Win10, and it can also be processed without disk. When the equipment demand is large, all the assembly work will be completed on our production line, and the demand is small and transported to the computer room for assembly by the operation and maintenance personnel.


3.     Transportation: the equipment shall be transported safely and sealed with wooden frame. We provide SF Express/special vehicle transport package freight within 1000 kilometers from the production line, and the freight beyond 1000 kilometers is at customer’s expense.


4.     Operation and Maintenance: our operation and maintenance personnel connect the power and network in the engine room, debug the equipment and adjust the parameters to bring the equipment to the optimal operational state. During operation, the computing capacity of the equipment fluctuates normally and is generally in the standard parameter range. Our operation and maintenance personnel are online all day to ensure the continuous and stable operation of the equipment.


5.     Equipment Repair: our company provides customers with additional spare parts (motherboard, power source, etc.). If the customer's equipment fails, the company will provide parts for temporary use, which greatly shortens the idle time and increases economic benefits.