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On-site Maintenance

What is on-site maintenance?

Our maintenance engineer visits the customer's site to carry out mine machine maintenance. On-site maintenance is divided into on-site maintenance and off-site maintenance. Among them, on-site maintenance is free of charge, and the cost of off-site maintenance is subject to the official website quotation. The on-site maintenance within the warranty is free. A quoted price on the official website shall serve as the norm for the cost of on-site maintenance outside the warranty.

Points for attention

1.     On-site maintenance is our after-sales arrangement of third-party maintenance personnel to the customer’s mine site for on-site maintenance.The customer shall bear the accommodation, business trip and round-trip transportation expenses of maintenance personnel, and ensure the personal safety of maintenance personnel.

2.     Customers who have more than 300 machines to be repaired need to contact the after-sales customer service to finalize the on-site order, and need to pay the deposit. We will arrange on-site maintenance personnel after the deposit is paid.

3.     On the 20th of each month, the resident engineer submits a report to generate an order, and the out-of-warranty machine generates an order to be paid according to the official website quotation. The customer is requested to pay the warranty repair fee within 3 days after receiving the payment order. If there is overdue payment, the fee will be deducted from the deposit.

4.     The maintenance personnel shall record the maintenance capacity every day. The "Daily capacity table for on-site maintenance" needs to be signed and confirmed by the maintenance personnel and the person in charge of the customer's mine.

5.     The machine has a 15 days warranty period of the maintenance completion time recorded in the system is taken as the starting point.

6.     If our maintenance personnel are idle and have no maintenance capacity due to customer reasons (power failure/relocation/untimely removal of defective machines/repair shop infrastructure, etc.), the customer shall pay the work delay expenses incurred by the third party during the period, and the expenses shall be settled by the customer and the third party.

7.     Please contact us through official channels for details of operation and deposit fees outside the designated service on site.