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Door-to-Door Service

Customer requirements

1.     Today customers are required to have more than 300 new machines on site;

Please contact us directly when placing the purchase order and explain the requirements in order to ensure the effectiveness for a given period of time.

Details on Our Service

1.     Investigate the environment of the deployment site and determine the related content of the early reconstruction

2.     Assist customers with machine assembly and shelves;

3.     Assist customers to set up machine IP, miners and mining pools in batches;

4.     Assist in solving the abnormal issues of new machines on site;

5.     Mining machine daily maintenance training, common fault judgment and handling training. Daily maintenance training of mining machine, common fault judgment and handling training;

6.     Introduction of after sales policy and after-sales service;

Application process

1.     The customer shall provide the order certificate to our after-sales customer service personnel

2.     We will arrange the mine designer to connect with the engineer, communicate and determine the site location, area, infrastructure, power indicators and other related content, and arrange the pre-reconstruction matters.

3.     The technicians will go to the deployment site for on-site deployment after y equipment is delivered. Is on-site maintenance service.