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        Independent brand innovation and development: Focusing on the current Ethereum mining pattern, we have developed a series of innovative mining equipment with 4U standard cabinets as the core. The new barebones structure, unique graphics card mode and intelligent algorithm implantation make our products have a wide range of deployment and application, and they also have unparalleled competitiveness with other products on the market.

        One-stop mining solution: we provide customers with one-stop professional and technical solution services. Our different professional technical teams provide support services for equipment procurement, putting on shelves, operation and maintenance, and secondary circulation, and are committed to helping customers solve 90% of the miscellaneous issues that may need to be dealt with in the mining process.

        Complete industry closed loop: all parts of the whole machine are produced and assembled by our company's mass production public good team. It is also possible to provide customized equipment deployment plans for customers based on  the order scale and actual demand. At the same time, 7*24 hours of online monitoring by our operation and maintenance personnel, the application of professional algorithm models, and the selection of supporting software can ensure the continuous and stable income of our customers; in the secondary circulation part, we have also formed company repurchases, internal circulation, and market Diversified business models such as resale ensure that the income from the sale of our equipment terminals is at a considerable level.

        IDC professional machine room deployment: the deployment mode of IDC room (Internet Data Center) goes beyond the extensive production form of traditional mine managers. We provide professional machine room deployment strategy. Dust-free, clean, constant temperature control, UPS stable power supply application and many other contents can effectively guarantee the safety of our customers' assets, and at the same time, it can also have a better preservation rate while the equipment is running stably.