Dragonfly Made G6-4U Integrated Unit

We try to set standards for Ethereum supercomputing devices: pack and combine G6-4U-588 units in the form of cabinets. The integration is 1024Mhz standard computing power, which can have flexible application scenarios, and is suitable for traditional mode, IDC computer room mode, container mode and customized deployment.

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Income model calculation

1024Mhz ±5%

5100W ±10%

Deployment Within 20 Days after the Payment

Estimated Crypto Value if Mined



Price of Ethereum


Time period


Ethereum Outcome


Estimated Value

Mobile mining area solution

Advantage 1:Short construction period, convenient container repackaging, and it can be completed within one month at the earliest

Advantage 2:The construction cost is low, and the cost is half of the civil construction, which effectively saves the initial investment

Advantage 3:Low power consumption for heat dissipation, ventilation and heat dissipation by blinds, so that electricity bills are used in computing power

Advantage 4:Diversified deployments, support stacking and assembly deployment, greatly reducing the floor space, and efficiently adjusting the deployment location.


Customized deployment scheme

If customers have large-scale deployment needs, our company can send professional planners to visit the place, evaluate multiple indicators like site area, deployment form, deployment equipment type and electric load, and further establish deployment scheme, cost estimation and 3D modeling calculation model with customers.


Ethereum supercomputing server - Setting the industry standard.

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